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Pinstripe lovers

It was during the "Thirties" that Clark Gable, impeccable in his pinstripe suits, conquered the world with his charm. Together with him, in the years between the two wars, the world's powers, like business man and star system members, paid their tribute to the well-known pattern, making it the key element of a refined wardrobe. 


Since then, the pinstripe has become a stylish element able to change itself without losing its original essence, not only in fashion but also in the design and furniture field. In a continuous contamination between different worlds, armchairs, sofas and other pieces of furniture dress themselves with the patterns of men’s fashion, making the pinstripe protagonist of sophisticated settings, like those created by Gianfranco Ferré Home. With thin or large stripes, in different colours and materials, the pattern, matched with modern accessories and reinvented in his shapes, keeps reaffirming his luxury DNA both dressing gentlemen and decorating their homes, all over the world.


The special installation exposed at Scultura & Design showroom during the international event “Milano Moda Uomo” is an original way to celebrate the everlasting charm of the pinstripe. Two mannequins and two armchairs, entirely dressed up with pinstripe fabric, constitute Scultura & Design original tribute to this style icon, in a perfect mix between fashion and design.