The Writer

"My home is not just a set of rooms, but a collection of dreams, passions and experiences"

On the shores of Lake Maggiore, among the limestone cliffs and with a breathtaking view of the Borromean Islands, the residence of a well-known novelist is an oasis of peace and design with an eclectic and sought-after attitude. The large windows overlooking the lake bring the beauty of nature inside, creating a relaxed and dreamy atmosphere, where the concept of luxury is not only given by the excellent quality of the materials, but also by the possibility of enjoying the silence and the splendour of nature.

The Writer 01

Inside, the spaces are soft and fluid, conveying a deep sense of harmony. The softness and sensuality of the furniture give the house a feminine charm, while the presence of the fireplace, witness to days and nights spent bent over papers and books, contributes to the creation of a cosy atmosphere, making the house the perfect refuge for the writer and her inspired creative process.

The Writer 02

The Clapton and Highlander sofas are the stars of the living room. Soft and attractive, the former features a wide, comfortable seat and a contemporary design: the geometric volumes are accentuated by external metal plates covered in leather and by the piping that enhances the contours of the cushions. The Highlander sofa has a strong and determined personality, combining essential design and a high level of craftsmanship, with an alternation of different finishes, capitonné components and pleating on the backrest.

The Writer 03

The dining room showcases the dramatic Glasgow table, an imposing rectangular piece that combines linear design with intricate craftsmanship. Embellished with decorative ropes, it has a glass top and a metal frame with a bronzed finish.

The Writer 04

In the bedroom, the palette of blues and greys and the use of natural materials help to create a sense of intimacy, while the presence of refined craftsmanship enhances the decorativeness already present in the wallpaper. The Broadway bed, in particular, features refined capitonné work, an expression of timeless style brought up to date by the rounded lines and angled square feet. The Sean night tables and chest of drawers, in Tay wood with bronze finish details, complete the ensemble.

The Writer 05