Discover the new home office

The Warm Suite by Gianfranco Ferré Home is composed of a night area and a working space, an elegant and functional corner.

The Wynwood desk fascinates the viewer with its essential lines and refined charm. Made of solid beech wood dyed Smokey Gray, the desk is upholstered in soft nubuck for a comfortable and welcoming effect, while the slightly curved top lends it lightness.

Gfh New Office 01

A minimalist aesthetic and a comfortable seat emphasized by the sensual nubuck upholstery for the Wynwood chairs. Height, size and design are studied to complement refined but sober desks or dining tables.

Gfh New Office 02

The adjustable lamps of the same line illuminate the environment, creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere: key elements that enhance the space with their warm light.

Gfh New Office 03