Metropolitan scenographies

Gianfranco Ferré Home proposes an unprecedented interpretation of the metropolitan style in which vintage suggestions and contemporary spirit coexist.

The 2019 collection represents a style choice with a strong expressive power: a proposal with a cosmopolitan, ambitious and sough-after soul, able to enhance the sophisticated atmosphere of the city spaces. The color palette played on a scale of smoky shades of grey expresses the dual soul of the collection: metropolitan and ambitious yet comfortable and refined.

Gfh Inspiration Image 1

In a perfect mix of comfort, vintage charm and contemporary minimalism, the use of leather and nubuck lends the sofas and armchairs a reassuring and comfortable effect, evident for example in the sofas Clapton e Clark.2.

Gfh Inspiration 2018 Detail1

The reference to the 50s and 70s enhances the cross-over mood of the collection, evident for example in the Fitzroy line, consisting of bookcase, console and small tables inspired by the 70s and expressed in a combination of different materials, including travertine, brass and glass smoked of shelves.

Gfh Inspiration 2018 Detail

Favorite materials within the metropolitan style, metals are the uncontested protagonists of the collection, appearing within the furnishings as versatile elements with different appearances, sometimes rough, sometimes bright and refined, in any case able to lend the room a strong and distinctive character. Particularly worthy of note in this sense the metallic finishes of the Camberwell tables, the Five Points line, the bronze finish of the Effiel console and the new chrome-plated London smoke grey finish of the Psycho bookcase.

Gfh Inspiration 2018 Detail3