International style

The exclusive and timeless elegance of Gianfranco Ferré Home furnishings was expressed in the collection presented at the Salone del Mobile 2018 in a new, ambitious and intriguing interpretation, perfectly in line with the transformation and modernization path undertaken in recent years.

A proposal that, from the formal point of view, expresses at the highest levels the search for a more contemporary style, when compared to the approaches of the early years. The evolution towards a more essential and less elaborate taste in terms of decor does not betray the deepest essence of the brand that can be found in some key features that have remained unchanged over the years. Among these we find the markedly masculine, Anglo-Saxon and very recognizable taste, always accompanied by a special attention to details: peculiarities that the Gianfranco Ferré Home line can be found in the different formal solutions that have been presented during the years.

Gfh Inspiration 2018 Detail1

This year, recalling and reinterpreting the principles of the international style in a unique and original way, the new collection tells the evolution of the brand towards a lifestyle that finds inspiration in the basic principles of modern style, such as simplicity and cleanness, with a furnishing proposal capable of becoming "a-temporal" and transversal, with products that are carriers of a universal language able to seduce customers from different cultures but sharing the same passion for beauty.

Gfh Inspiration 2018 Detail2

From the lounge of a 5-star hotel, to the loft in the heart of Manhattan, passing through the villa on Long Island and the penthouse in Miami, the new collection, in its infinite variations, is the perfect protagonist of ambitious housing solutions, united by the same exclusive taste, both luxurious and business oriented. A proposal designed for the elite, with the typical comfort of the lounge areas and high-level residences, recalling the sets of famous movies or television series.

Gfh Inspiration 2018 Detail3