Gianfranco Ferrè: the “Architect of fashion”, icon of the Italian style and genius of  geometric patterns and impeccable volumes. His unique creations, perfect summary of class, accuracy and contemporaneity, represent his idea of elegance, able to satisfy that need of comfort, beauty and sense of freedom that enriches life.

Born in 2014, the Gianfranco Ferré Home line inherits and reinterprets the DNA of the Maison Fashion creating timeless collections where the reassuring elegance of the forms of the past meets the refinement of delicate colors and tone on tone matching. Elegant and sophisticated atmospheres welcome the visitor in a delicate comfort zone: a welcoming space, comfortable in both formal and chromatic terms, in which the "distressed" colors and materials, with their antique and delavé style, add an irresistible vintage charm to the entire setting.

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In a story suspended between tradition, creativity and experimentation, Gianfranco Ferrè Home  collections combine the extreme attention to fabrics and materials with the prestige of craftmanship, creating sophisticated atmospheres, which deeply identify the brand Gianfranco Ferrè Home and its constantly evolving character, never the same, but always unmistakable.

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An eclectic and timeless style that is always dressed up with new inspirations, made of infinitely versatile pieces which can be reinterpreted for an unlimited number of times, as many as the evolution of taste requires it. As in a journey through space and time, the iconic pieces with British appeal, inspired by the male fabrics so much loved by the stylist, such as Prince of Wales, pinstripe, hound’s tooth, recall 19th century England atmospheres, English lords’ casual outfits and the comfortable furniture of their country houses. On the other hand, the passion for traveling is a constant in Gianfranco Ferrè Home collection, as it’s shown by the several Chippendale style remarks and details of Eastern inspiration. In a further interpretation of luxury, the versatility of the collections is confirmed by settings which recall the elegant holiday houses of wealthy Americans, an “American allure” in Hampton style, a mix with a sophisticated, warm and cozy design, where the timeless elegance typical of the brand becomes more relaxed. A further evidence of the unique character of the brand Gianfranco Ferrè Home, always opened to new suggestions and able to adapt to the complex and diversified demands of gentlemen and ladies of every age, taste and style. 

The entire Gianfranco Ferrè Home production is realized in Cantù, in the heart of Brianza Design District, Italy’s primary furniture area. Each piece of the collection embodies the passion of many people, as well the excellence of Italian craftsmanship.